Jigsaw and Amanda's terrifying reappearances are revealed in the Saw X trailer

The first trailer for Saw X has been released, and it is incredibly unsettling to see.

As previously hinted, Tobin Bell's John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, will be back in the upcoming Saw film.

Even though the villain was killed off in Saw III, he made cameo appearances in other films' flashback scenes. However, in Saw X, the villain comes back in full bloody glory.

The trailer, which is set between Saw I and II, begins with John receiving bad news at a hospital while the familiar, menacing Saw theme is playing in the background.

With advice from a doctor, he travels to a distant area outside of Mexico City in search of a cure, only to discover it was a hoax and that he was still terminally ill.

Horror lovers will squeal with delight as they hear the villain, Jigsaw Killer, utter the infamously terrifying phrase, "It's time to play a game."

The remainder of the teaser shows the four con artists who work in medicine being trapped in a typical life-or-death situation. John says: Despite the fact that you all pretended to be my remedy, what I have in store for every one of you is really sincere. I observed things and circumstances.


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The words "Before Jigsaw's end" and "His most personal game began" flash across the screen, warning bystanders that they are about to witness one of the most bizarre films ever made.

Thousands of fans have commented on the trailer since it was released today (30 July), and many of them have praised how "chilling" it appears and how it "has the potential to rank among the franchise's best follow-ups ever."

Before the teaser finishes, a scene of Shawnee Smith's Amanda Young taking off a pig mask and gently grinning is revealed. The Jigsaw victim turned helper-has returned to the fray.

To continue the experience, viewers can text "I want to play a game" to a cryptic mobile number at the end of a trailer.

The most unsettling installment of the Saw franchise to date chronicles the unseen story of Jigsaw's most intimate game, according to Lionsgate's official synopsis. Between Saw I and Saw II, a sick and hopeless John makes the perilous journey to Mexico for an unproven medical procedure in the hopes of finding a miracle therapy for his disease. He quickly discovers, though, that the whole scheme is a ruse designed to take advantage of the weakest.

The legendary serial killer returns to his job Armed with a renewed sense of purpose, he "turned the tables on the conmen in his trademark visceral way by setting up cunning, insane, and clever traps."

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