Brief Summary of Below Deck Down Under: Crossing the Line

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Below Deck Down Under: Crossing the Line in a Nutshell

The "Below Deck Down Under" production team and performers have been praised for their handling of consent concerns following Monday night's show, which featured a naked male entering a woman's bed while she was unconscious.

The Bravo reality series, which follows the crew of a superyacht on their sea adventures, begins with the group returning from an evening out in Cairns, Australia.

Margot Sisson, a charter yacht employee, is seen heading to bed. Sisson was inebriated at the end of the last episode and told the ship's chief steward, Aesha Scott, that she needed to sleep — and "no Luke."

After Jones crawls into her bed, camera, and film crew members intervene to ask him to leave. Jones also appears to be inebriated.

The production team member continues, "Luke, we've got to get you down." "I have to get you out of here because she wants to sleep."

After the light turns on, Jones goes to the door and begs the production team members, "Can you f--- off for a second?"

Although the video is blurry, it is evident that Jones is naked when he approaches the door.

He then wraps a towel around his neck and locks himself in his own bedroom.


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In an emotional on-camera moment, Scott alerted the ship's captain, Jason Chambers, to the issue and opened out about her own history of sexual assault. Jones was fired the next morning after Chambers told him he needed to go to a motel for the night.

"We don't know what would have happened, but the thought of being in her bed naked — and she has no idea — makes my skin crawl," Scott stated throughout the show. "You have no right to put an unconscious person in that position."

Jones did not respond to a message seeking comment on Tuesday.

The remainder of the show deals with the aftermath of the incident, including a beautiful scene in which Sisson is consoled by two other women and assured that she is not to blame for what happened.

"I feel, like, disappointed in myself," Sisson confessed. "I'm embarrassed and sad." I'm stunned and absorbing everything, but honestly, I just feel so loved. It's a rush of feelings all at once." 

Chambers also met with the entire crew to discuss Jones' dismissal and stated that a "closed door" signifies a boundary.

"Our cabin is our safety zone," Chambers explained. "That door is our limit. That door is not to be opened unless both parties agree. My limit is to walk into someone else's room without their consent, which is indecent."

Another cast member, Laura Bileskalne, was fired after Chambers discovered that she had similarly made a colleague uncomfortable by entering his room and attempting to give him a massage without his consent. Bileskalne also defended Jones to Sisson, suggesting he was most likely "only joking" and is a "sexual person."

Chambers said, "There's a tremendous gap right now, and that's not where I want to be part of my team. In fact, you've disregarded the goal I set for myself. 

"I understand what you said," Bileskalne replied, "and I'll respect it."

"You didn't show that," Chambers stated moments before firing her.

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