Cardi B's microphone throw raises $100,000 for charity.

The microphone was auctioned off on eBay for over $100,000 (£78,500) two weeks after rapper Cardi B made headlines for flinging it into a crowd.

It was auctioned off by the proprietor of an audio equipment rental company, who stated that all proceeds would be donated to charity.

Scott Fisher told CBS that he had anticipated the bidding would reach $5,000 at first.

Cardi B was seen throwing the mic when a fan tossed a drink at her during a concert in Las Vegas. The actor will not face charges, according to police.

The video quickly went viral, prompting Mr. Fisher to advertise the iconic item for sale. Bidding eventually came down to $99,900.


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Mr. Fisher stated that the revenues would benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a veterans' charity, and Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which connects young volunteers with people with disabilities and special needs.

The volume of news coverage has been remarkable, but I had anticipated some level of national interest.

He claimed to have confirmed that the microphone for sale was indeed the one Cardi was using at the time.

As he explained to CBS News, "It's usual to practise to designate all microphones and in-ear devices as to who they're 'going to' before to soundcheck, to guarantee that the same individual gets the correct stuff during the program.

"We knew which mic was Cardi B's because there was white tape covering it in all of the videos," a producer said.

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