DJ Casper: The Cha-Cha Slide hitmaker died at the age of 58

DJ Casper, well known for the massively successful dance smash the Cha-Cha Slide, died at the age of 58, according to his family.

Willie Perry Jr, a songwriter, and MC from the United States, topped the UK singles chart with the song in 2004.

The Chicago-born singer, who also choreographed the song's accompanying dance, was diagnosed with kidney and liver cancer in 2016 and underwent treatment.

His wife Kim announced his death to Chicago television station ABC7 on Tuesday.

Despite being published over two decades ago, the song continues to be a crowd-pleaser at birthday parties, school, and wedding discos.

After the song gained popularity, DJ Kasper recorded a second version in 2000.


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The song, sometimes known as Casper Slide Part 2, became a worldwide hit.

He once stated that the original was created as an aerobic workout for his nephew.

The music was accompanied by its own characteristic line dance, which was influenced by the Chicago stepping technique.

Dancers were instructed to "slide to the left/right," "clap your hands," and go "all the way to the floor" according to the lyrics.

In an interview with ABC7 in May, its creator, known as Casper for his all-white stage attire, expressed his desire that the dance track will continue to serve as a reminder of the power of unity, community, and positivity.

The hype man, who previously shared the stage with funk and soul superstar James Brown, bragged that he had one of the largest songs that had been played in the Olympics as well as in all stadiums where sports like hockey, basketball, football, and baseball were played. "It was something that anyone could do."

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