Lucy Letby's trial jury has been told that it can reach a majority judgement

The jury in Lucy Letby's trial has been told that it can reach a majority verdict on accusations that she murdered and attempted to murder babies.

Mr Justice Goss, the judge, informed the panel of seven women and four men on Tuesday that they could now reach verdicts on which at least ten of them agreed.

Letby, 33, claims she murdered seven newborns and attempted to murder ten more while working at the Countess of Chester hospital in north-west England.

Deliberations by the Manchester Crown Court jury had been ongoing for four weeks as of July 10.

On Thursday of last week, one jury was released for "good personal reasons," according to the judge.

Letby was on trial for a "calculated" and "cold-blooded" year-long series of homicides that began in June 2015.


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She was charged with murdering babies by injecting them with air, as well as attempting to murder others by poisoning them with insulin or "sabotaging" their feeding tubes.

The jury was told that consultant paediatricians became concerned about Letby after noticing what the prosecution called her "common link" to the abrupt and "unexplained" deaths.

One of the kids was only 24 hours old when Letby allegedly injected him with air, killing him just 90 minutes into her shift. The next day, she allegedly attempted to murder his twin sister.

However, the nurse has continually rejected the charges, claiming that a lot of the newborns were mistreated and should have received specialised care elsewhere.

The university graduate, who is originally from Hereford, told jurors she had never hurt a child and that she had always done her best to care for them. I'm not here to hurt you; I'm here to care and assist.

Letby said that when she was accused of the "sickening" offences, her "whole world came to a halt."

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