Victoria Beckham's wardrobe is referenced by the identical twins Nicola Peltz and Selena Gomez's attire.

Nicola Peltz and Selena Gomez are flawlessly fashionable best pals.

The stunning couple has had many great fashion moments. From twinning in Valentino to exhibiting their lady squad's official uniform and influencing our holiday wardrobe on a trip to Mexico, their combined outings are anything but boring for fashionistas.

They borrowed a page from Nicola's super fashionable mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham's, style bible and wore identical clothes that are a true Posh Spice hallmark.

Selena posted an 'Instagram dump' with her 427 million followers, which included a shot of her and Nicola playing American Pool in a games room (an unusual fashionista pastime, to say the least). They're wearing similar black round-neck jumpers and leggings and are holding each other and a pool cue.

Victoria Beckham's fashion objective hasn't changed much since her 90s girl band days: black outfits and twinning moments. The multi-hyphenate designer has always advocated for all-black ensembles, no matter the circumstance – consider her meeting the erstwhile Prince Charles in 1997 while wearing a black little dress.


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Fast forward to 2023, when during Victoria and David Beckham's vacation to Tokyo (which was, of course, a fashionable occasion), Victoria wore all-black ensembles and even twinned with Harper in jumpers that were very identical to Selena and Nicola's.

Even though she has matched with Harper on numerous occasions, no coordinating combination is as legendary as David and Victoria. One of the designer duo's most iconic ensembles is their head-to-toe leather look in 1999 when they bravely donned Gucci to a Versace dinner. 

Selena interviewed Nicola and her husband Brooklyn Beckham for Wondermind, the mental health platform she co-founded, in June of this year. Selena expressed her gratitude to the trio, saying, "I feel lucky to be a part of you guys and our little trouble," to which Nicola replied, "Our trouble!" I adore you to pieces. Selena, you have no idea how much we adore you."

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