Tearful apologies from Drew Barrymore for resuming TV show amid strike

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Drew Barrymore has apologized to television and film writers for resuming production on her talk show while the Writers Guild of America is still on strike. According to statednews, Barrymore posted a video on Instagram addressing the controversy over the decision to re-air her show.

There is, in my opinion, nothing I can say or do to improve the situation at the moment. So that it wouldn't be a PR-protected issue, I wanted to fully accept responsibility for my actions and own a decision. I realize there's nothing I can do to make this okay for people who don't agree. "I completely understand," she remarked.

Barrymore described the scenario as "complex," adding that she never intended to "upset or hurt anyone." "It's not who I am," Barrymore continued, appearing to cry. "I've had a lot of ups and downs in my life, and this is one of them." I am sincerely sorry to the writers. To the working unions, she said, "I sincerely apologize."

However, Barrymore withdrew the video hours after publishing it on Instagram due to backlash from netizens. Earlier this week, Barrymore claimed in another Instagram post, which has since been removed, that her self-titled talk show would return without writers during the strike.


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I decided to skip the MTV, film, and television awards because I was the host and the strike was about studios, streaming services, films, and television. It was also the first week of the strike, so I did what seemed proper at the time: I stood in solidarity with the writers. 

To clarify, our talk show ended on April 20th, thus we never had to cancel the show. However, I am also making the decision to return for the first time during this strike for our performance, which may bear my name, but it is more than just me,"

Drew's statement on X (previously known as Twitter) was also condemned by WGA member and TV writer David Slack, who tweeted, "Writers don't need an apology, @DrewBarrymore." We require you to stop working on a show that cannot be produced without scab writing. Apologies are pointless when you inflict hurt until you stop creating harm. Simply #StopScabbingDrew."

Drew deleted her apology video hours later due to considerable criticism.

Meanwhile, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents the industry's studios, streaming services, and production companies in union negotiations, announced in a statement that they reached out to the Writers Guild of America on Wednesday and agreed to resume talks next week.

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